Therapeutic Resistance

Funds raised will go towards cancer research dedicated to therapeutic resistance.

What is therapeutic resistance? 

  • Cancer patients have more treatment options now than ever. However, for many cancer patients, therapies can work for some time, but then they eventually stop working. Researchers call this phenomenon resistance to therapy, or drug resistance, and it’s one of the most challenging issues facing the cancer community: our patients, researchers, and clinicians.
  • Resistance happens when the cancer is initially treated successfully, and later the cancer a found a way around the treatment regimen. When the cancer cells resist the effect of treatment, they grow, wither in the original site, or a distant location, causing disease recurrence or relapse. Sometimes resistance develops quickly, within a matter of weeks of starting treatment. In other cases, it develops months, or even years later, with the changes the cells undergo allowing cancer cells to ‘resist’ what was initially a successful treatment strategy.